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Tusitukirewamu organisation in Bwaise, Kampala is a community based initiative
started in 1998 in response to the increased rate of family breakages as a result
of domestic violence.
After the realization that domestic violence is one of the accelerators of the
spread of HIV the Group was compelled to increase awareness in the community
on the dangers of the epidemic and how they can guard themselves against it.


We believe that women, children and youths have a right to live in a violent
free society that values their equality, respect their contributions and
alows participate in all developmental activities

Programmes Officer: Florence Masuliya
P.O. Box 24448
Kampala, Uganda

Tel. (256) 414568892
Tel. (256) 712 958375
Email: tusitukirewamu@yahoo.com

2011 FLOODS >>





1) To mitigate the long-term effects of HIV on
    widows, orphans and vulnerable Children
    infected and affected by HIV
2) To empower women living with HIV in
    economicoriented skills for self
3) To provide vital basic education to children
    living with HIV in the slums of Bwaise
4) To increase awareness in women and
     young girls in knowing their rights
5) Top support widows, orphans and other
    vulnerable children in giving basic needs
    and material support more
  Target Groups

- Persons infected and
     affected by HIV
- Children infected with HIV
- Widows
- Youths in and out of school


Since its inception in
1998 Tusitukirewamu
group has been working
in partnership with
Actionaid   more


1) Training of Commercial sex workers,
    widows and OVcs in economic oriented
    skills in Knitting, weaving Hand Craft,
    Tie Dye and Mushroom growing
2) Support 33 children in the slums of Bwaise
     to access basic education
3) Training of women in will making and
    exercising their rights
4) Sensitizing the community on HIV AIDs
    prevention, coping and reduction of
    Stigma and discrimination tough Drama
5) Providing care and support to children,
    widows and other vulnerable children
    infected and affected by HIV